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Due to huge demand we are currently out of stock. Orders may still be placed but no more gold can be shipped till early February. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Welcome to 1GrainGold.com

Welcome to 1 grain gold.com. Here you are able to purchase pure 24kt gold 1 grain bars. These are the smallest bars in production at around 2.5mm x 5mm. you may have seen these on a well known auction website, well now you have the chance to buy at a great rate with the security that you are getting a great price and product.

Please enjoy and spend responsibly as gold prices do fluctuate

Thanks and enjoy the store!

24k solid gold!

1 Grain Gold Bar
Each 1 grain 24kt gold bar measures 2.5mm width x 5mm hight x 1mm depth. They are solid 24kt gold and the weight measures 15.4 grains to 1 gram. More

Minimum quantity for "1 Grain Gold Bar" is 100.